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Property Management

Management involves two key parties - the landlord and the tenant. We listen and understand the needs of both parties through effective communication, negotiation and current knowledge of the ever-changing legislation & market trends.

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Estate Agency

Upon completion of a project, effective estate management is key to achieving top productivity in the investment. We offer clients advisory support to ensure their estate runs smoothly, has occupancy at its peak and remains profitable.

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Real Estate & Project Management

We have developed expertise and experience in property development and investment advisory. We take great pride in our inhouse capacity in property consulting.

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Cleaning Services

This division is committed to providing one-stop professional cleaning solutions. We provide professional cleaning services to corporate, commercial, domestic and individual clients.

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Hospitality Services

We provide a wide range of Hospitality services from home-based services to corporate services

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Gardening & Landscaping

we do recognize the importance of unique and environment-friendly landscaping practices. The landscape is a unique field where aesthetically pleasing as well as environmentally beneficial man-made landscapes are created.

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Pest Control Services

The common pests are always the bedbugs, termites and cockroaches. We provide fumigation services to both institutions, industries, commercial properties and to households.

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Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Laundry shops take the hassle out of your wash days. It’s no wonder so many people now choose to go in laundry shops. Washing machines are used in laundries and it surely lessens the hassle in doing the washing chores.

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Our Supplies division undertakes to supply and distribution of cleaning agents, tools, and equipment. We aim to supply companies and organizations spanning from the Industrial, Commercial, Banking, Educational, Hotel and Leisure industries.

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