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Hospitality Services

We provide a wide range of Hospitality services from home-based services to corporate services

We provide a wide range of Hospitality services from home-based services to corporate services.  

Nature of Our Services:

1. Office Assistance

We provide office maid services to corporates. Besides providing office cleaning services our staff also provide the following hospitality services:
 ✓ Preparing and serving the staff and clients in the office with tea, snacks and food.
 ✓ Cleaning up of the utensils and maintaining the kitchen.
 ✓ Setting up meeting rooms in readiness for meetings.
 ✓ Cleaning and tidying up meeting rooms after use in readiness for the next meetings.
 ✓ Any other hospitality services required in the office.  

2. Housekeeping & Maid Services

We seek to ensure that people’s lives are no more cumbersome. Life can be played just once, so it’s important to make sure it is enacted well. Our maid and housekeeping services showcase qualities like dependability, professionalism, quality service and the commitment to have the client always content from within. Forming part of our housekeeping and maid services include:
 ✓ Dusting and polishing furniture, shelves and appliances
 ✓ Sweeping, mopping and disinfecting floors
 ✓ Cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture using vacuum.
 ✓ Bed making, routine bedding and linen changes upon request
 ✓ Sorting clothes and arranging them in the wardrobe
 ✓ Ironing services ü  Dusting blinds and windowsills
 ✓ Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom
 ✓ Scrubbing the bathtub, toilet bowl and shower closet
 ✓ Cleaning all shelves and closets
 ✓ Cleaning and sanitizing sinks, and countertops
 ✓ Cleaning waste bin and replace garbage bag
 ✓ Replacing toilet tissue and changing towels
 ✓ Cleaning mirrors and wall tiles at reachable areas