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Professional Cleaning Services

We provide integrated professional cleaning services to individual, corporate, commercial, domestic and industrial clients in Kenya. We are committed to excellence for the benefit of our clients and society at large.

Nature of Our Cleaning Services:

1. Commercial Cleaning
This involves cleaning business premises, such as offices, malls, industries, stalls and shops, usually outside of working hours when the premises are closed or during low-traffic hours. We offer comprehensive cleaning service to all types of commercial properties, from small local premises right up to corporate head offices. We collaborate with our clients to develop a cleaning plan that meet their expectations.

2. Domestic Cleaning
This involves cleaning of homes including the kitchens, stores and bathrooms, through vacuuming and dusting. Other services, such as washing of furniture, windows, clothes, domestic movables and ironing can also be provided upon request by the client. We provide premium home/house cleaning service in Nairobi and surrounding areas at flexible hours to accommodate our clients. We offer regular scheduled cleaning service to ensure the homes/houses remain clean and hygienic. Our staff are trained on house cleaning to enable clients to rely on us and return to us.

3. Move In/Out Cleaning
Moving is usually a stressful and busy time in one’s life. Making sure the home is super clean before putting things away, setting up your bedroom furniture and using the bathrooms and the kitchen for the first time can be an important phase of the moving experience. Households don’t want to trust just anybody to handle this for you. We do all the deep cleaning, scrubbing and scraping until all the surfaces are as clean as possible.

4. Post Construction & Post Refurbishment Clean Up
Our post construction cleaning service is a specialist division that provides the full range of cleaning services, from builders cleans to sparkle cleans, tailored specifically to the construction industry. We provide the final, thorough and detailed cleaning that’s needed after construction debris has been removed. We use the most advanced products and methods to make the property shine. In addition to the basic cleaning services, we also perform specialty cleaning services, such as window cleaning and floor finishing. 

5. High Window/Wall Cleaning Services
We offer window and wall cleaning for all types of buildings and premises using primarily water fed systems. We have invested in the ability to obtain and use abseil, cradle and mobile platform cleaning for high-rise structures. Window cleaning is done by both our own directly employed window cleaners and specialist sub-contractors where necessary. Risk Assessments will be completed prior to all works and all operatives will be fully trained and current in all Health & Safety regulations.

6. Carpet, Mattress & Upholstery Cleaning
We use both traditional water-extraction cleaning as well as rotary mop cleaning and dry powder in cleaning carpets and upholstery. We provide both regular maintenance and specialist once off deep cleans with appropriate Method Statements for each fabric.

7. Electronics Cleaning
We offer both once off deep cleaning and regular maintenance contracts for electronic gadgets. We’ll clean VDU, PC, Keyboards, Telephones and Communication Server Rooms. Full Risk Assessments & Method Statements will be provided, and specialist teams are dedicated to these cleaning processes alone.

8. Specialist Cleaning Services
This involves a range of different cleaning tasks, for example, window cleaning, carpeting cleaning, graffiti removal, car wash, electronic cleaning, sofa and upholstery cleaning etc.